Owl rescued after getting trapped in chimney

Owl rescued after getting trapped in chimney

IOWA, LA (KPLC) - Like she does most afternoons, Lola Romero was lost in a good book Saturday until she was startled by a loud noise.

"I heard some noise like something bumping against something and I happened to look at the fire place and there was this big owl just staring out trying to come through those glass doors," explained Romero.

The bird had apparently fallen down the chimney with no way to get out.

"The bird knew it was trapped and couldn't fly back up because it had to open its wings and there wasn't enough room," said Romero.

With no word from Wildlife and Fisheries, Romero did the next best thing and called her son-in-law, Tommy Daigle, who she described as a "Jack of all trades." Daigle has been around wild animals all his life and said he knew the bird was scared.

"It appeared to be a female bird and she was still in shock. She was exhausted from fighting and being caught up in there. And I said, 'Well, baby we are going to get you out of there.' "

It took a little time, but the white owl eventually jumped on Daigle's arm and made her escape.

"Once she seen that she had an opening it was like she was saying please let me out of here," said Daigle.

"The owl just flew out and went straight to that bathroom where it was dark and he was able to catch it there," said Romero.

The bird calmed down enough for Daigle to bring it outside to determine whether it was hurt.

"I let her go, straight from the ground. I didn't want to throw her up in case of an injury," said Daigle.

Within seconds, the owl spread her wings and took flight.

"She just took off flying. It was a beautiful thing to watch," said Romero.

Incidentally, this is the second time an owl has fallen down Romero's chimney. She said the same thing happened about 10 years ago.

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