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Lake Charles mayor is extra in new ‘Lincoln’ film

Mayor Randy Roach last year Mayor Randy Roach last year
Mayor Roach speaks to Theresa Schmidt on Wednesday via Skype. Mayor Roach speaks to Theresa Schmidt on Wednesday via Skype.

This holiday weekend, many movie goers will see Steven Spielberg's masterpiece, "Lincoln," which has two local connections.

The screenplay was written by Tony Kushner, who is originally from Lake Charles, and there's another local connection – Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach.

Some people probably remember a year or so ago when Roach grew a beard. When asked why, he was very secretive. Well, now, the cat is out of the bag.

Roach was invited to be in the film, "Lincoln," which is in theaters nationwide.

He was sworn to secrecy before, during and after the filming, but can now talk about the incredible experience.

KPLC spoke to Roach via Skype on Wednesday since he is out of town for Thanksgiving.

"September or October of last year, I got a call from Tony, just kind of out of the blue, and he told me he was working on the movie and he said things were going well and they were filming up in Richmond and he asked me if I wanted to come up and play a scene in the movie, actually have a speaking role in the movie," Roach said.

Beyond the film's rave reviews, Roach believes it's about as close as one can get to the real Lincoln. At least that's how he felt when he met Daniel Day-Lewis in character.

"It's almost like shaking the hand of Abraham Lincoln. It was just a tremendous experience, it was a wonderful opportunity, something that I will forever cherish, actually," Roach said.

As well, Roach said the film invites thought about what our country might have been if Lincoln had not been president.

"Tony's opinion was that we would probably have three or four different Americas -- we'd have the North, the South. We'd have Texas, the West and possibly, the Midwest. So, at least three or four countries, similar to Europe," Roach said.

Alas, it turns out Roach's debut in the scene involving a White House reception apparently wound up on the cutting room floor, but he is recognized in the credits.

"I don't think I really contributed much. I'm the one that should be thanking them, thanking Tony and thanking Mr. Spielberg for allowing me to come up there," he said.

Still, movie-goers who wait will see mention of the Honorable Randy Roach of Lake Charles in the credits.

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