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C.A.T. Team makes meth lab bust in Westlake following house fire

Andrew C. Bertrand (Source: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office) Andrew C. Bertrand (Source: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office)

Some Westlake residents can't believe there was a meth lab in their neighborhood. They found out after a house fire Friday morning left one man badly burned and another in jail.

Around midnight last Thursday, the Westlake Fire Department responded to a mobile home fire on Bee Tree Street. 

Firefighters managed to control the blaze before the entire structure burned, and that's when the Combined Anti-Drug Task Force, or C.A.T. Team, was called in.

Neighbors say it's usually a quiet neighborhood. But early Friday morning, Bee Tree Street in Westlake was anything but quiet.

"The next morning when I got up, they had the fire department, no not the fire department, the police was there," said neighbors Leo and Shirley Daigle.

Just after midnight the C.A.T. Team arrived on scene at 816 Bee Tree to what was believed to be a fire caused by a methamphetamine lab.

"It's kind of scary," said the Daigles.

Inside the home, detectives found evidence confirming their suspicions. Resident Daniel "Troy" Olivier couldn't be found following the fire.

"Well, I don't doubt it, because he's been in trouble like that before," said the Daigles.

Just before noon, police arrested 23-year-old Andrew Bertrand after he was seen around the mobile home. Police say he confessed to being inside the home cooking meth when the ingredients caught fire. Detectives later found Olivier at a friend's home with severe burns he received during the fire. 

Neighbors say this type of activity is not characteristic of this area. This neighborhood is just off of the main route in Westlake. There's a grocery store, gas stations, and even an elementary school within walking distance of this mobile home.

Neighbors say it's not the first fire at the mobile home.

"Never had no problems with him," said Leo. "I talked to him one day. He said he fell off of his truck. His skull was crushed. And they had to fix that up. They had a fire in the house before. He said it was in the kitchen. He left some grease on the stove and the burner on."

The Daigles moved to Bee Tree in the 1970s, and they say it's where they plan to stay no matter the circumstances.

"We have a nice neighborhood," said Shirley. "They're all rental houses around us. We own ours, and that's it. We're happy here. We'll die here maybe."

Olivier is being treated at a hospital in Lafayette, and detectives with the C.A.T. Team plan to arrest him when he is released.

Olivier has a lengthy criminal record including a previous meth lab operation arrest in 2006. Police arrested him several times while on probation. His most recent arrest came in June when he was charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance, which violated his probation. He was released just a few weeks ago on October 22.

As the investigation continues, there is a possibility of at least two more arrests related to the incident.

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