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Family shares special day to promote adoption


Being a parent can be frustrating yet exhilarating, and difficult yet enjoyable. But more than anything, for most, being a parent brings love into your life and the life of your child.

Yet, there are many children who don't know that bond and that's part of why Friday is National Adoption Day.

To help promote awareness of the need for families to adopt children, the Family Court of the 14th Judicial District suspended the rules and allowed cameras in court. It was a special day for several families, including the Hallmarks of DeRidder who are adopting a new family member -- 2-year-old Malik.

Judge Guy Bradberry thanked and congratulated the Hallmarks saying, "Not only did you open your heart and your home to this baby, now you've changed this child's life forever."

His words then made the adoption official.

"This court finds proof sufficient that it is clearly in the best interest of this child that this adoption request be granted. Ladies and gentlemen, help me welcome the newest member of our community: Malik Hallmark," he said.

After applause and hugs, there were plenty of pictures to remember this day that is as important as a birthday to some adoptive families and their children.

Malik's mom, Pia Hallmark, said you don't have to be a biological parent to love a child.

"They don't have to be blood to fall in love with a child. They're all children from God. He is the apple of our eye. He came to us as a foster child. We just fell in love with him. We just knew that he could be part of our family," Hallmark said.

Pia adopted Heather five years ago.

"She gave me a home. She put a roof over my head. And she loved me and I loved her," said the teenager.

Between Pia and her older daughter, Heidi Flick, they have adopted eight children. They joke that their family looks like a delegation from the United Nations. 

"We have white, we have black, we have Mexican, we have Puerto Rican,"said Heidi. "So, we just call it the color of the rainbow."

The Hallmarks and their extended family attended a reception in honor of adoptions. Chief Judge Lilynn Cutrer shared a little play time with one of the youngsters adopted in her court.

"These children deserve to have a permanent and safe home and be loved by somebody and if anybody is interested we hope they'll be a part of providing a wonderful home for children who are in need," said Lilynn.

The judges and others hope families who can will consider changing a child's life through adoption. To find out more about adoption, contact the Department of Children and Family Services call 337-475-3030. You can also browse the associated links on this page.

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