Mock disaster and preparedness drill staged at LC airport

Mock Crash

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - If you've noticed a bunch of emergency vehicles around the Lake Charles Regional Airport, don't worry, they're there for a simulated airplane crash.

It's part of a training exercise the Federal Aviation Administration requires of the airport every three years.

Thursday morning's mock crash included close to 50 passengers.

Emergency response teams dealt with death, loss of limbs and even minor injuries.

Amputee Paul Jasmine was more than willing to participate after losing his leg while serving in Afghanistan.

"The experience was, I guess, different for me because the response that I got with the Army was a lot faster. I really can't remember exactly how things took place, but I know the response time was a lot faster," he said.

Following the mock crash, the airport dealt with a simulated bomb threat to complete the training.

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