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McNeese students receive positive feedback about workforce future


McNeese students received some good news Wednesday as business leaders in the area predicted positive things for their futures.

"Everything here seems to be moving," said Bill Dore' with William Dore' Enterprises. "There's a lot of job creation going on in Lake Charles with companies moving in."

It's just what every college student wants to hear about the school they are attending.
"We're fortunate to be in Lake Charles, Louisiana at this point in time," said Dore'. "There are other areas in the country that are really suffering with college students graduating with no job opportunities. But here in Lake Charles, I think most of you, if not all of you, will have an opportunity to get jobs."

Dore' predicts there will be job opportunities, no matter your major, from accounting to engineering.

One of the topics brought up at the business leader panel was technology. One leader said technology is perhaps the most important thing for students to be efficient in before entering the work force. 

While technology is highly important, Rusty Vincent with Century Group said there are still things you must do with your hands, things a cell phone can't. But more importantly, he said happiness is key to success.

"What's most important is that they do what they like to do and get into an industry," said Vincent. "A lot of times you look around and you see things or you see an avenue, or you see things that you would like to do."

Most of today's topics centered around international business. The leaders said that while the risk is high, anyone is capable of success.

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