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Kitten stuck in storm drain now safe

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Update: The kitten is now out of the storm drain. According to downtown residents, it crawled out on its own. The cat appears to be in good shape and is being taken care of by downtown residents.

Previous version of the story:

Downtown business owners and workers are trying to rescue a kitten who seems to be trapped in a drainage pipe in front of GiGi's Downtown.

Charlie Hinchee, owner of The Art Shop, was cleaning his bike and heard the kitten's cries. Armed with two hammers and a crowbar, he crawled in the hole to see if he could help.

"The cries it is giving out are distress cries for kittens. It really wants its momma," said Hinchee. "There is a trap down there but the kitten is not in the trap and I think it may be stuck in the pipe that goes south from here."

Calcasieu Animal Services was called out by downtown resident Ashli Waldrep, whose husband saw the little black cat fall down the hole.

"He has been crying almost nonstop since he has been down there. We just want to help him get out," said Waldrep. 

Animal Services officer David Doucet set a trap Tuesday evening. Doucet has checked the trap several times.

"He was there this morning when I checked and I was really hoping that I would catch him. This is the first one I haven't been able to catch," explained Doucet.

After another check in the hole, Doucet believes the kitten bypassed the trap and is in another area of the drainage system. Not one to give up, Doucet set another trap and baited it with tuna fish.

"It's not a good situation right now. Because if he doesn't come out - depending on where these drains go to and they start traveling he's going to keep traveling. And whether he would be washed out or just doesn't eat or whatever - his fate is probably sealed if he doesn't come into the trap and that's the unfortunate thing of it," said Doucet.

Doucet said they will continue to check the trap. We'll, of course, keep you posted on any new developments.

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