November 14, 2012 - Zach Parker

In June of this year, U.S. Army Specialist Zachary Parker was about to wrap up his one year tour of duty in Afghanistan on his last mission when tragedy struck.  Parker was on patrol to provide aid in case someone struck one of the many dismounted IEDs along the path.  While moving a robot and line charges away from a site where a discovered IED was about to blown in place, Parker struck another dismounted IED.  Parker lost his left leg above the knee, his right leg at the hip, his left arm at the shoulder, and had his chest ripped open. Parker died several times on the road to being stabilized and continues to fight to regain his strength and health.

Grandmother Olga Parker remembers being told of the tragedy.

"He lost the right leg up into the hip, the left arm up into the shoulder and the left leg was down below the knee and it's now above the knee," said Olga Parker, Zach's grandmother.

Since that time, Zach has undergone many operations.  His family has to travel 6 hours to visit him in a San Antonio Army hospital.

"It's been complete devastation, I suppose, to all of us. Just seeing him and the rest of those young men that have lost limbs and parts of their bodies."

A fundraiser has been held to raise money to help the family with expenses the government cannot provide. American Legion Post 407 helped out along with the Little Troopers organization.

"It was brought up to me at the American Legion," said Dennis Soileau with Little Troopers.  "Anytime they want to do anything for one of our soldiers,especially one who gave up so much for our country, we will be there."

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