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Secession petitions creating a buzz

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Last week, a petition started by a Michael E., of Slidell, thrust Louisiana into the national spotlight as one of the states petitioning to secede from the United States of America, a topic that fired the fuel of the American Civil War.

Since it was started, thousands of Louisiana residents have signed the petition, but according to Dr. Henry Sirgo, professor of Politics and Government at McNeese State University, they are wasting their time.

"I suppose they could occupy their time by watching crappy movies or whatever they want," Sirgo said. "But no legal action will come from a petition of secession."

Sirgo said that's mainly because of the 6th Amendment to the constitution.

"In order for individual state secession to actually happen, Congress would have to agree to that which is not going to happen," Sirgo said.

What about in an alternate universe where secession may be possible?

Sirgo said it would forfeit some of the very things that makes America the strong force it is today.

"Secession would mean a loss of a national military and economy. Which wouldn't be good for anyone," said Sirgo.

You can view the petitions HERE.

The petition for Louisiana has over 20,000 signatures thus far.  To get a response from the White House, the petition needs over 25,000 signatures by December 7th

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