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City's Armed Forces panel holds Veterans Day celebration

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Every November, the country stops and recognizes the people who give and gave their lives in the Armed Forces. This year, the City of Lake Charles recognized a special demographic of service people that's always been around and shows growth in the future. 

"We have a number of women who hold the Purple Heart or have been killed in service because they believe in our country just as much," said Mary Kay Dyer of the Mayor's Armed Forces Commission (MAFC). "It doesn't have to be gender specific."
As city officials and members of the MAFC spoke, they focused on the strides the country has taken recognizing women's contributions to the military.  

"Women are right there in combat roles and are really fulfilling critical positions as far as our military is concerned," said Lake Charles Mayor Randy Roach. 

It wasn't always like that said Retired Maj. Rhonda Sullivan who served as the ceremony's keynote speaker. 

"Women are allowed in combat now. They weren't back when I came in," she said. "In fact, when I first went to the rifle range they told us you're going to shoot with the machine guns. Apparently before that they wouldn't let the women shoot with the machine guns they would just use the 9 millimeter pistol."

As time has progressed and the face of the country has changed, especially for those serving on the forefront, Army veterans are reminded, no matter of race, creed or gender, of the pride that comes with wearing the uniforms they do.

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