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Richard endorses Boustany for 3rd Congressional seat

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Lake Charles attorney Ron Richard pulled in 22 percent of the vote in Tuesday's race for U.S. Congress, District 3. It wasn't enough to make the runoff, but it put him in third place.

And now he's decided to give his support to Congressman Charles Boustany, the incumbent for 7th District which was eliminated during redistricting.

When the votes were all counted Tuesday, Democrat Richard had received more than 67,000 votes and now, Richard encourages those who supported him to vote for Republican Boustany, seeking election to the new 3rd District.

"The commitment to the issues that concern my constituents is not the same between these two gentlemen. I believe Dr. Boustany is more committed to address the concerns of the working men and women of Southwest Louisiana as I see those concerns than the other candidate," Richard said.

Boustany promises he's committed to those who voted for Richard.

"I'm going to work very hard to reach out to everyone: Independent, Democrat, Republican, young, old, black and white, to understand the challenges that families are facing so that we can move forward and really promote our district and promote economic benefit and well being for all working families," Boustany said.

Richard said the number one reason he is endorsing Boustany is because he believes he's the man who can best reach across the aisle.

"My very first concern is the willingness to sit down with individuals on the other side and entertain the discussion and that is what is required if we're going to work and move forward with our president, with Democrats, Republicans or anyone," Richard said.

Boustany said he can fairly represent the interests of all regardless of party.

"We're not going to solve the problems that are facing working families if we continue to fight and scream at each other. We need to come up with real solutions and sit down and entertain the views from all sides. I'm willing to listen," he said.

Boustany and Jeff Landry have four weeks until voters from 10 South Louisiana parishes cast their ballots. The election is on Saturday, Dec. 8.

KPLC received this reaction from Congressman Jeff Landry. He said, "It's not surprising that Boustany would accept the endorsement of the candidate who supported President Obama. This is further evidence that Boustany will compromise his principles to get elected."

Boustany had 44.68 percent to Landry's 30.04 percent of votes on Tuesday.

Richard finished with 21.54 percent of the votes to Bryan Barrilleaux's 2.54 percent, and Jim Stark's 1.21 percent.

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