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Residents still oppose funeral home development


Despite no crematorium, a Lake Charles neighborhood is still expressing opposition to a proposed funeral home. The $10 million dollar project originally included a crematorium, but the developers conceded after the overwhelming opposition.

Residents now claim the development will bring in unwanted traffic and be a nuisance to the area. The proposed site is on the corner of Common and Oakwood Streets. The Lake Charles City Council reminded the residents that if it's not a funeral home, another business will want to develop on the five-acre property and that the funeral home would likely be the best option.

"We feel it could be a nice buffer for the neighborhood and the more commercial spaces across Common Street from this location. The funeral home use is going to be during the day. Most people come for visitation generally during the day. Funerals are during the day. Visitation is over by 8 o'clock, 9 o'clock. The funeral homes are usually empty," said Randy Goodloe, architect.

The council approved letting the project proceed with the condition traffic only enter and leave through Common Street and that an eight-foot fence be built on the north and west side of the property. Meanwhile, the council has put a moratorium on allowing any new crematoriums built in the city until further evaluation.

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