Calcasieu Community Clinic expands coverage

Calcasieu Community Clinic is a not-for-profit, free health care clinic located at McNeese State University's Juliet Hardtner Hall College of Nursing. The clinic provides free ambulatory medical care and pharmaceuticals to the low-income, working uninsured in the five parish area of Imperial Calcasieu including Allen, Beauregard, Calcasieu, Cameron and Jefferson Davis.

Eligibility Criteria

  • People who are working at least 20 hours per week, with household income up to 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. If a couple is married and one spouse is working and the other is not, AND they qualify otherwise, both persons are eligible for services.
  • People who are unemployed with proof of last date worked, actively seeking employment and receiving unemployment benefits for less than six months are eligible for services for six months from date last worked.
  • People with seasonal jobs, as long as they are working the majority of the year. Ex: commercial fishermen, construction workers, lawn service.
  • Working single parent families. Persons receiving child support, food stamps, or SSI for their children, but are NOT working at least 20 hours per week are ineligible.
  • Technical school, beauty school, welding school, etc, (students without family support) are eligible however, students enrolled more than 7 hours at McNeese State University have insurance through the university and therefore are not eligible.
  • Working persons living at home with parent(s) may be seen at the clinic on a 6-month temporary basis. After 6 months of living at home, these persons are considered part of the household since this is no longer a temporary arrangement and ALL household income should be considered when determining eligibility. Cases may be re-evaluated after 6 months.
  • Persons who are self-employed in child care, yard work, housekeeping, etc. If no paycheck to prove employment is available, please provide income taxes, bank statements and a letter from employer stating the number of hours worked and amount paid. Letter must have name, address, telephone number and signature of employer.

200% Federal Poverty Guidelines

Household Size

Monthly Income

Annual Income

























Screening Requirements

Please be prepared to show the following. Failure to present any of these may result in a delay in determining eligibility.

  • Photo Identification
  • Social Security Card
  • Proof of Income (3 most recent pay stubs)
  • Copy of your most recent Federal Income Tax Return (Form 1040)
  • Proof of residency (utility bill, telephone bill, lease, etc.)
  • Letter of Denial from Medicaid, if applicable.

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