Cameron Parish results

CAMERON PARISH, LA (KPLC) - Cameron Parish voters on Tuesday favored Mitt Romney (R) for president and Paul Ryan (R) for vice president. Romney/Ryan had 3,260 votes, or 87.07 percent, to Barack Obama and Joe Biden (D)'s  408 votes, or 10.90 percent, according to complete but unofficial results from the Louisiana Secretary of State's Office.

Cameron voters also favored Charles W. Boustany, Jr. (R) for the 3rd Congressional District seat. Boustany had 2,119 votes, or 59.06 percent, to "Jeff" Landry (R)'s  999 votes, or 27.84 percent.

Also in that race, "Ron" Richard (D) got 336 votes, or 9.36 percent; and Bryan Barrilleaux (R) got 115 votes, or 3.21 percent.

Some voters also decided the constable seat in Justice of the Peace Ward 4. John "Buck" Stephenson (N) got 1,017 votes, or 62.51 percent. Eric LeBoeuf got 610 votes, or 37.49 percent.

Voters supported the proposition to allow a local option on school board term limits. 2,773 voters, or 78.64 percent, were for it; 753 voters, or 21.36 percent were against it.

Regarding the nine constitutional amendments on the ballot:

Constitutional Amendment 1, Medicaid Trust Fund for the Elderly

For, 2,734 voters, or 76.93 percent

Against, 820 voters, or 23.07 percent

Constitutional Amendment 2, Right of each citizen to keep and bear arms

For, 2,980 voters, or 82.71 percent

Against, 623 voters, or 17.29 percent

Constitutional Amendment 3, Prefiling DL/for retirement/public employee

For, 2,407 voters, or 69.85 percent

Against, 1,039 voters, or 30.15 percent

Constitutional Amendment 4, Surviving spouse/deceased veteran/Homestead Exemption

For, 2,814 voters, or 80.93 percent

Against, 663 voters, or 19.07 percent

Constitutional Amendment 5, Forfeiture retirement benefit pub. off./conv. felon

For, 2,683 voters, or 77.05 percent

Against, 799 voters, or 22.95 percent

Constitutional Amendment 6, Gov. Auth. of New Iberia - prop annexed by the city

For, 1,426 voters, or 42.78 percent

Against, 1,907 voters, or 57.22 percent

Constitutional Amendment 7, Provides filling appts./Vac. on Bds./Comm.

For, 1,969 voters, or 58.57 percent

Against, 1,393 voters, or 41.43 percent

Constitutional Amendment 8, State Bd. of Comm./Industry-Tax Exemp. Contracts

For, 1,765 voters, or 52.06 percent

Against, 1,625 voters, or 47.94 percent

Constitutional Amendment 9, Security District/Parcel Fee w/in District

For, 1,928 voters, or 57.06 percent

Against, 1,451 voters, or 42.94 percent

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