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City plans to restore dilapidated graves in LC cemeteries

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After getting e-mails from concerned citizens about the state of some grave sites in Lake Charles, we set out to find out who's responsible for cemetery upkeep and what's being done about the dilapidated grave sites on Broad and Goos Streets. 

Owned and managed by the City of Lake Charles, City Administrator John Cardone said the city is aware of the problem. 

"Last year in 2011, the city identified approximately 73 grave sites that were in need of repair or renovation," Cardone said. 

Aware of the problem, believed to stem from old age and weatherization, Cardone said the city has taken the necessary steps to fix it. 

"We've been aware of the condition, it's just a legal process you have to go through that allows the city to go out and make repairs to these grave sites," said Cardone. 

Although the Louisiana Cemetery Board has been called and is performing their own investigation on the upkeep of the cemetery, Cardone said that legally, all that can be done, has been done. 

"The law says that we have to give notice to the owners and their heirs of our intent to repair these grave sites," said Cardone. "That year is fixing to expire and as soon as it expires and that timeframe has elapsed we're going to start making repairs to it." 

Cardone said that once the one year process of notifying heirs of repairs to the grave sites officially wraps up, which should be sometime early next month, they'll begin the process of restoring the grave sites at the cemetery.

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