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LaFuria patient, Skye Taylor, remembered for her courage

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Criminal charges against former Lake Charles OB/GYN doctor Peter LaFuria are still pending.

But what happened Thursday officially resolves the civil lawsuits filed against him for alleged improper actions toward his patients.

If not for Brandi Skye Taylor, Dr. Peter LaFuria might never have been investigated for allegedly taking explicit pictures of patients without their knowledge and alleged improper touching in some cases. A small group paid tribute to Taylor as the final proceeds from civil lawsuits were presented at Oasis, the new name for the women's shelter. In all, about $75,000 from the LaFuria litigation is being donated to help to provide services to victims of sexual assault and domestic violence. 

Attorney Ron Richard handled the civil cases.

"There is such a wonderful irony to see funds being used to assist women coming from the acts of an individual who wanted to hurt women," Richard said.

He said Taylor deserves to be remembered. She died recently after a brief illness.

"Brandi Skye Taylor was literally the brave young woman who started the entire investigation of Dr. LaFuria. Ms. Skye was in a visit with the doctor. She was pretty sure she saw a camera in his hand. She raised enough of a stink to get the authorities involved," Richard said.

Some of Skye Taylor's family members were on hand. They are proud of what she did.

"I'm just proud of her. She stepped up and did what she had to do.  It shows how she really is because she always tried to take care of people and stuff," said her oldest son Michael Taylor.

Crystal Ortego, Skye's sister, admires her sister's courage.

"I can remember her telling me, 'They're not going to believe me. This is a doctor who is well known in the community, his family's well known and I'm a patient. They're not going to believe me. It's my word against his.' And then when it finally all unfolded, she knew that it was in God's plans," she said.

As well, Skye Taylor's family members know she'd be pleased that her speaking out now benefits victims of violence and sexual assault.

Some pre-trial motions in the criminal prosecution of LaFuria are set to be taken up next week in state district court.

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