Nov. 7 is National Healthy Eating Day

November 7th is National Healthy Eating Day

When it comes to starting a new work-out routine or healthy eating plan, the first day is the most important to get it going. If you are needing a little motivation, there is an important day coming up to give you an opportunity to make some lifestyle changes.

Wife and mother of two, Daranee Lambert of Lake Charles, does not mind if you call her "picky" about the food she feeds her family.

"Diabetes, heart disease and obesity is pretty prevalent in both sides of our family," she said.

Lambert's family eats a plant-based, whole food diet - full of fresh fruits, veggies and nuts. It is a kitchen that CHRISTUS St. Patrick dietitian Kristie Evans knows is not the norm for most families who live off of fast food and fatty, fried or sugary choices.

"A lot of people need that reset button," she said, "they need to say, 'okay, I'm going to start over, I'm going to do better and make different changes.'"

If that is you and you need motivation to get going, mark your calendar for Wednesday, Nov. 7: National Healthy Eating Day.

"It's a day that you really can set aside to make a commitment that today is the day I'm going to start making those changes to be healthier," said Evans.

It is part of the American Heart Association's mission to raise awareness about good nutrition that can start with changes as simple as tossing your drink.

"Really looking at the sugary beverages that you're drinking and try to switch out to drinking more water, drinking some zero calorie beverages," said Evans.

Evans also says most of us are not getting close to the five to nine recommended servings of fruit and veggies each day.

"Throw half of a banana in your cereal or eat a bowl of fruit as a snack rather than a brownie or cookie," she said.

Steer clear of highly processed or sugar-packed foods and go for lean proteins and whole grains. It is a culture change the Lamberts hope will stick with their young kids.

"If we don't teach our kids how to eat properly now, they won't eat properly in the future," said Lambert.

One big healthy step is to prepare more meals at home. From slow cooker turkey chili to blueberry whole grain muffins, click HERE for some easy recipes from CHRISTUS St. Patrick Hospital.

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