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Ghost hunters investigate Sulphur's Henning House


Unpacking their gear, the "Bayou Paranormal" team is trick-or-treating for ghosts. Their latest assignment brings them to Henning House, one of the oldest homes in Sulphur, rumored to be haunted.

"We want to know if there is a spirit or spirits that are lingering here that may need help crossing over," said Randy Duhon of Bayou Paranormal. "We are looking for shadowy figures, orbs and the holy grail - apparitions. We hope to see an actual apparition."

Using digital temperature gauges, infrared cameras and old fashioned tape recorders, Bayou Paranormal is set up to invite the other side. Starr Muro with Bayou Paranormal spoke openly to whatever may be there.

"We would like to talk with you. Would you like to talk with us tonight? If so, you can make a noise - a knock, bang or any kind of noise," Muro said.

Not only is it a full moon but All Hallow's Eve - the one night of the year, according to Bayou Paranormal, where the veil between the living and dead is at its thinnest.

"We are a little different than most paranormal groups. We are here to debunk it. We are here to prove there isn't actually a haunting. We go in and out of 100 hauntings, or so-called hauntings, we can debunk 90 percent of them," explained Muro.

After a few more questions, something in the next room caught the group's attention.

"As you can see, we are the only ones up here. There is nobody else here. I'm sure you may have heard what sounded like footsteps in the next room, which sounds like somebody is walking," Muro said.

Lots of pictures are taken because sometimes the proof shows up later. But after further investigation, it appears this sign is debunked.

"It was actually wind from the A/C vent tapping and causing the wires on the wall to tap what is holding the artwork. So, no ghosts here yet," said a Bayou Paranormal team member.

Keeping an open mind, they are here for whatever comes their way.

"It's the adventure. It's the learning. It's the knowledge that there is something else out there. We don't have to be scared of... It just wants to know it's being heard," Duhon said.

Bayou Paranormal said after collecting and recording all their evidence, it takes another three to four days after reviewing it to make a definitive decision on whether the location is haunted or not.

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