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Miracle on Bruce Circle

If you don't believe in miracles, well, don't tell the LaPointes and their young nephew Blake.

The family needed help after opening their home to children in need including the growing boy who uses a wheel chair.

Less than two months ago, the LaPointes' home didn't look like a normal dwelling. The living room was being used as a bedroom for the girls who had given up their room to accommodate Blake. The 9-year-old boy cannot use his legs due to injuries he suffered in a severe car crash.

It was too many people for a house not suited to a young boy in a wheel chair. Their plight caught the attention of a local contractor, Brandon Bellon Development, as well as friends and community members who pulled together a whirlwind remodeling job they called "Project Blake."

Project Manager Seth Jones gave a quick tour as the volunteers were working Sunday night to get the job finished by Monday.

"We added this wall, like we added this wall. We added these two closets. We put in new fans," he said.

As well, all the doorways had been widened, there were new cabinets throughout the kitchen, new book shelves in the den and many other improvements.

The volunteers on a mission worked round the clock over several days, making changes that will accommodate Blake's special needs. On Monday night, the big reveal. Julie and Joey LaPointe appeared truly overwhelmed as they -- and family members -- got their first look at all the work.

There were tears and hugs.

"It's fixed," said Julie. "We left for three days and come back and answered prayers."

Husband Joey was visibly moved by the generosity of those involved.

"If anybody says that God's not in the business of doing miracles anymore, come to my house," he said.

And Blake, the boy whose needs touched so many hearts, was all smiles checking out his Alabama-themed room and a bathroom that will help him develop more independence.

"It's bigger and I can get around better and I don't hit the wall. I like it. It's awesome," said the third grader.

For the LaPointes and those who worked so hard to help them, it's a lesson in faith, courage and confidence.

"It shows that there are more than just a few good people. These people, there's nothing in it for them other than the satisfaction of knowing  they've helped a family," said Joey.

Julie and Blake expressed their gratitude, too.

"God Bless every one of you all. Thank you," said Julie.

More than 100 people worked on the house this past weekend while the family stayed in a local hotel.

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