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Using the Better Business Bureau

Are you planning on making a major purchase, but you're not sure about the business you need to deal with? There's a free resource that you should know about - and it's their business to know who's on the up-and-up.

You can learn a lot by looking at the complaints that are made to the Better Business Bureau. The BBB compiles data on more than four million businesses, grading them from the way they respond to customer complaints, as well as legal and regulatory problems.

The good news - the BBB took fewer complaints last year compared to the year before. The bad news - there were still 927,000 complaints filed nationwide.

So who are people checking out the most?

The most inquiries were into roofers, contractors, car dealers, mechanics and plumbers. And it makes sense, if you think about how much some of those things cost.

But who got the most complaints?

First up - cell phone companies, followed by new car dealers, cable and satellite providers and collection agencies. The biggest jump in complaint rate was for payday loan companies.

Now, the BBB says 95 percent of all of their complaints are resolved, which is good news. But Money Expert Nathan Bachrach says you should always check out a business thoroughly, and the BBB is a great place to start.

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