COPY-Online Media Kit

Online advertising file and format specifications. The specifications below follow the IAB guidelines for all similar ad sizes.

Ad Creative Dimensions Max File Size Recommended
Max Animation
File Formats
In-page Ad Creative Sizes
120x240 Mini-Skyscraper 30k :15 - 3 loops GIF, JPG, SWF
300x150 Spotlight 35k :15 - 3 loops GIF, JPG, SWF
180x150 Story Rectangle 35k :15 - 3 loops GIF, JPG, SWF
300x250 Island 45k :15 - 3 loops GIF, JPG, SWF
468x60 Banner 55k :15 - 3 loops GIF, JPG, SWF
728x90 Leaderboard 75k :15 - 3 loops GIF, JPG, SWF
980x30/300 Expanding Pencil* 40k/80k :15 - 3 loops SWF
Mobile Ad Creative Sizes
320x50 Banner 30k :15 - 3 loops GIF, JPG
300x250 Carousel 45k :15 - 3 loops GIF, JPG
160x600 Skyscraper (Tablet only) 75k :15 - 3 loops GIF, JPG

Flash Ad Requirements
Versions - up through Flash 10

Click Tracking
For Flash creative to click through properly in our ad serving system, clients must insert the "clickTAG" variable into the .fla file so that performance can be properly tracked. Targets for clickthrough must be set to _blank to open in a new window.

More information about clickTag can be found on Adobe's website:

Example code: (please note preferred structure of clickTAG with case of letters as indicated)

For ActionScript 2:

on (release) {
if (clickTAG.substr(0,5) == "http:") { getURL(_level0.clickTAG, "_blank");

Additional Flash file items:

  • Backup jpg/gif should be submitted
  • Frame rate best at 18fps or higher

Expandable Banners (User-initiated)
Expandable Banners can be accepted for the following ad unit dimensions (300x250 and 728x90).

  • Must use Approved 3rd party rich media vendor (see below)
  • Ad code creative must reference our iframe breakout file
  • Method of expansion and un-expansion must be on click
  • Required method of expansion is onclick - click to open/expand
  • Pencil Expand/Close Buttons must be labeled in no smaller than 10px font in contrasting color
  • Pencil Expand/Close Buttons must be included in the creative
  • Pencil Expand Button location must be right side of collapsed creative
  • Pencil Close Button location must be lower right corner of expanding creative

Maximum Expansion:
728x90 expands to 728x300 (expands down only); Polite file load - 80k
300x250 expands to 500x500 (expands left and down only); Polite file load - 80k

Approved Third Party Rich Media Vendors (Third Party Servers):

Other Ad Creative Guidelines

  • Animation/Looping should be limited to a maximum of 3 with each loop not exceeding 15 seconds
  • Ads may not contain persistent rapid/strobing animation
  • Creative on a white background must contain a 1 px black border
  • All rich media must be submitted 72 hours prior to campaign start to allow for testing

Frequency Capping
Video: 1 per 5 minute frequency cap on video pre-roll inventory
*Expanding 980x30 Pencil Ads: 1 per 12 hour frequency cap