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Local performance artist dances with fire

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Your mother probably told you to not play with fire, but local performing artist Jeri Kaye Nelson loves it. She took to the stage Saturday night at artist Candice Alexander's downtown Halloween bash.

Nelson goes by the name of "Fire Maiden From Outerspace" and has some moves you've probably never seen. After years of practice, she's mastered the art of fusing belly dancing and fire.

"Fire dancing is a from of object manipulations. The dancing is something that can be added to it. It is kind of like juggling. Some people kind of do that. It's something you have to practice. You have to enjoy doing it. Some people call it yoga for the brain. It really is something you have to pose in your brain and master with practice. There is no special skill - just time and love and the fire makes it more fun," said Nelson.

The night was topped off with an outside showing of "Frankenstein." Alexander said 25 percent of Saturday's sales will benefit the St. Nicholas Center for Autism.

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