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Welsh candidates prepare for first town forum


While much of the election season focuses on the presidential race, the local races are just as important, especially in small towns with lots of negative attention.

Election season is here, and for small towns like Welsh, the 2012 election is very important. Mayor Carolyn Louviere will be running for her third term in office.

"As a town, when I first came in, looked at the Main Street, Adams, Elm Street and most of the buildings were empty, very few cars on the street," Louviere said. "We started really just trying to clean the town, because it is a beautiful little town." 

But she won't be unopposed. Nineteen-year-old Colby Perry is running against her, saying he wants change. Louviere said she plans to keep moving in the direction she has been for eight years.

"I have plans for Welsh on the table as always that we want to move forward on," Louviere said. "We want more businesses coming in. We have a couple of businesses looking at us now, it's a matter of finding the real estate to locate on."

While the town of Welsh might be small, the decisions in the upcoming election aren't. At Tuesday night's forum, crime rate is expected to be a main topic of discussion. The town is still dealing with several unsolved murders. 

"The main problem that we have is, and plan, is to continually work with the task force we have set up to continue working on the homicides," said Police Chief Tommy Chaisson. "That is our main goal, and that is something we will not rest until we see it resolved. That's just something that we have to continue." 

Chaisson will also be running for his third term, and he too is facing opposition. Jeff Davis Parish Deputy Marcus Crochet says he's ready to turn the police department around.

"I plan to at least get back into the, get the community's trust back into the police department so we can start moving forward and get some of these crimes that are unsolved, solved, and bring the people that are responsible for these things to justice," Crochet said.

Tuesday's forum starts at 7 p.m. in the Welsh Community Center.

KPLC did contact mayoral candidate Colby Perry, but he said he did not have time to talk to us Tuesday.

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