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Health Care seminar tackles senior questions

Many individuals and business people are trying to figure out what the Affordable Health Care Law means for them. That was the topic of a seminar sponsored by the Calcasieu Parish Police Jury's Human Services Department.

Senior citizens were invited to a presentation by a consultant in the health care industry, Mike Stagg. He suggests people do some independent research and quit listening to politicians to get information about healthcare reform because he said there are a lot of misconceptions floating around.

"I've talked to small business people who just realized the amount of tax credits that they are eligible for. Small businesses were eligible for up to a 40 percent tax credit to help cover the cost of health insurance in 2012. Next year it goes to 50 percent.  That's if you provide, if you help the employees get the coverage," Stagg said.

Another topic of concern to some is what happens if Louisiana does not participate in the expansion of Medicaid and health insurance exchange of 2014.

"If the state does not participate in the Medicaid expansion, that will leave community hospitals really exposed because the federal money that's used to pay for the care of the uninsured, at least a portion of it, is going to go away. Gradually, it will go away and those hospitals will be left without the revenue from Medicaid expansion and without the federal dollars to pay for the care of the uninsured which will mean community hospitals will lose their ability to keep their doors open and it will affect all of us," Stagg said.

Stagg suggests people do their best to learn all they can about the health care debate and contact their elected officials to voice concerns. He recommends a web site,

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