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Joan Lunden offers strategies for success

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It was a day of fun, learning and inspiration for success and daily living today for those attending the 2012 Fall Conference for Women.

This year's keynote speaker was former Good Morning America host Joan Lunden who, at the age of 62,  is living proof that life is full of opportunities at any age.

The fall conference, sponsored by the Women's Commission of SWLA, is a chance for women of all ages to learn, to find inspiration and to experience something new -- whether it's how to lead a healthier life or tips for updating one's style. 

Along with a long and successful career in broadcasting, Lunden has seven children. She shared 10 strategies for success.

"Always be open to opportunities and willing to take risks; Whenever you're asked if you can do something, for God's sake, just say yes! Find good mentors," she said.

Her other strategies include:

"Don't just wait for good things to happen. If you want to play in a game, figure out how to get on the playing field. Have perseverance. Remove failure as an option. Never under estimate the power of a positive attitude. Keep life in balance, your health in check and remember to appreciate the good things in life, and never underestimate the power you have to change your life," she said.

In an interview later, she elaborated on her suggestions for women trying to balance career and family. She said make sure all family members do their part.

"Say, 'you know I work, too.  Let's find an equal distribution of chores around here.'  A lot of time, we can effect a change like that. But you also have to be willing to give needing everything perfect. It's okay if the darks go in with the whites. It's okay if the bed's not made perfect," said Lunden.

Lunden also emphasized the importance of good health.

"I think women are by nature caretakers. It's just the way we're wired. And we worry about everybody else in our lives and sometimes we don't pay enough attention to ourselves and we don't take as good enough care of our health as we should. We sometimes look at taking free time as being selfish. And it's not selfish. Every person needs to take a little break and recharge their energy," Lunden said.

And she said everyone needs some form of exercise.

"Did you always like to play tennis when you were young or racquet ball? Maybe you want to get out and walk. Find a buddy and put it on your schedule and make that appointment just as important as any other appointment because that's taking care of yourself so that twenty years from now, you'll have a good quality of life. We're in charge of our destiny in my opinion," Lunden said.

At a time when some might think of winding down, her latest endeavor is the launch of what she calls healthy cookware.

"I was approached by a company out of Belgium with a new kind of non stick cookware, not like the kind our mothers cooked on which is, unfortunately, definitively linked to cancer and now Alzheimer. This is a ceramic non stick, so it has no PTFE and no PFOA. Those are the dangerous toxins that melt down so that when you're cooking at home you find that it all scratches off your pan," said Lunden.

The cookware is called "Twist" and is available at Bed, Bath and Beyond.

Lunden has also launched a home decor line, skin care products, hosts a women's wellness camp and has written numerous books.

Earlier in the conference, Olympic softball champion  Jennie Finch Daigle was named this year's Jack Doland Citizen of the Year for her outstanding contributions to her sport and most recently the Wounded Warriors Project. 

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