MSU Prepares for the Bearkats

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - You might see a little more action from Cowboys' quarterback Cody Stroud this weekend at Sam Houston State.

While both the 6th ranked Bearkats and the 'Pokes have put an emphasis on the ground game, ranking one and two in the league, both programs also have two of the best run defenses in the conference, so a deciding factor in this ball game could very well be the team that is more efficient in executing the pass play.

Head coach Matt Viator says he knows his guys will have to be physical:  "I know we're going to have to hit some, there's no question. Hopefully we can put them in position to have to hit some."

Stroud know exactly what he has to do:  "My job is to put us in the best possible situation, whether it's run or pass, they do bring the heat a lot, so that's going to be key this week that I do that."

Seth Thomas, senior cornerback, is also aware of how the game needs to be played.

"They run the ball a lot and they like to use motion, just to deceive you, like just to get your eyes in the backfield, so the DB's will just fall asleep, but we can't fall asleep because they can just play action the ball and just throw it over the top at any moment."

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