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McNeese SGA hosts debate for 3rd Congressional District candidates


The 3rd Congressional District candidates met Wednesday night at McNeese State University for a Student Government Association-sponsored debate.

All of the candidates on the ballot attended, except for Congressman Charles Boustany.

With the Nov. 6 election just around the corner, it's crunch-time for the candidates. And Student Government representatives asked the candidates questions, touching on the hot issues. 

According to SGA President Davante Lewis, getting more young people, especially students, involved in politics is important.

"We figured that with the due district and Lake Charles basically being the swing area, that it would be a great opportunity to invite candidates to have a great discussion with students, not political pundits, not party members, but students on issues that we find dear and near to our hearts," Lewis said.

Starting with questions aimed at education: "What comprehensive educational reform do you support and why?"

"The comprehensive educational support program that I would support from the federal level is none because the federal government has no business being in our education system," Congressman Jeff Landry (R)-3rd Congressional District candidate said.

"I'm for more freedom in the schools, yes, maintain security, but allow the kids to be themselves. And get the federal government out of education because they screw up almost everything they touch," Jim Stark (L)-3rd Congressional District candidate said.

"As far as administering and administrating an educational policy. I think a minimum is going to be best. We should reserve those decisions in that administration for the state level, the local level and the school level," Bryan Barrilleaux (R)-3rd Congressional District candidate said.

"People with good educations end up getting good jobs which means they end up being good citizens and being good tax payers. And things like headstart, we should be trying to fund more, not fund less," Ron Richard (D)-3rd Congressional District said.

A sensitive issue during a time of educational reform, and ultimately, the voters will make the decision come Nov. 6.

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