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Lake area parents ready for Millennium Park to reopen

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The original timeline listed September as a completion date, but city officials say Millennium Park is still not quite ready for children.

The community gathered together to rebuild it after it burned down, and children took advantage of Millennium Park as soon as it reopened. But now the gates are closed and have been for months due to construction.

"Some of the key components in the Millennium Park, or the Children's Park, or the splash park, we expect that to really be under heavy construction probably during the month of November," said Lori Marinovich with Downtown Development.

That means at least another month before the park will reopen to the public. But the new additions in the works will add to the size and quality of the existing park.

"It's very responsive to what our community wanted," Marinovich said. "We listened in many community meetings and are providing to the community exactly what they asked for."

The new splash park caused some delays due to issues with the Department of Health and Hospitals. But the problem is fixed, and things are moving forward. This is music to the ears of many local parents.

"We live downtown, and it's really convenient," said one parent. "My son always enjoyed coming here to play. It was really nice. We were hoping it would open for the good weather around this time of year."

"It'll be a lot of fun to bring her back there," said one mother, talking about her young daughter. "All the kids go over there. It'd be a nice little family time to be there."

"My kids loved the old park," said another parent who drives from Sulphur for her kids to play. "We got to try out the new park. And we're just excited for it to be open again, so we can come out here and play on the weekends."

Both parents and city officials feel the completed park will both benefit residents and serve as a tourist attraction for people passing through.

"If you haven't been out there, you need to go out there and see the project," said city administrator John Cardonne. "It is a great project. It's going to be great for the community."

The park's architect will be at the City Council meeting on October 30th to update the council and the public on the park's progress.

Cardonne hopes to open the park before the end of the year, but he says they'll know more at the end of the month.

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