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New 'Energy Product' unveiled by EMPOR Energy Saver

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Imagine being able to save 30 percent on your electric bill whether you are a huge chemical plant or a residential home owner. The technology may be closer than you think -- now that a McNeese engineering graduate, originally from India, has chosen to bring his new company to Lake Charles.
Across from McNeese State University is Empor Energy Saver's new Research and Development Center at 4347 Common Street. It's conveniently located close to the University College of Engineering.

They have technology that can monitor electricity and limit use to only what is needed  thereby cutting energy costs. David Conner with the SWLA Economic Development Alliance said they've been working with Empor to land the business for our area. Local testing has been underway.

"Basically, they put the machine on the buildings, ran tests and determined what the usage was without the machine on it and what the usage was with the machine on it and they can actually show the building owner what they would save in a period of time," Conner said.

The CEO and President Logesh Janarthanan graduated from McNeese in mechanical engineering. 

McNeese Engineering Dean Nikos Kiritsis said it's a partnership good for students and the community.

"Any time you save energy you have an immediate result in your pocket and in your wallet as well as, you use less natural resources to produce that energy. So it's a win win situation," he said. As well, he sees it as an opportunity for students seeking internships and jobs and may offer research opportunities.

Janarthanan explained the technology is already proven in Europe and other parts of the world but must be redesigned for U.S. and Canada voltage levels.

"The product has to be remodified or re-engineered to these voltage levels.  Basically U.S. and Canadian voltage levels are totally different from the remainder of the world," Janarthanan said.

He and business leaders expect Lake Charles to become Empor Energy Saver's headquarters for the Western Hemisphere.

"Lake Charles is the perfect place to start this because we can do all the case studies in this area," Janarthanan said.

"The company is now based in India. All the manufacturing facilities are located there. And because of his roots at McNeese and because of the welcome that we've given him he decided to make his home here and make sure the product is ready to go to market. The second phase will bring the parts here and be assembly of the manufactured parts and the third phase, which is the really exciting news, would bring the entire manufacturing facility from India here to Lake Charles," Conner said.

Besides reducing the electric bill by up to 30 percent, company officials predict the energy savers, also called ES25,  will pay for themselves within three years.

The company will hold a open house Wednesday from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. for industries in the area. On Thursday, there's an open house at the same time for the community and small business owners.

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