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IRS Office now in Capital One tower

The Internal Revenue Office in Lake Charles recently moved. The office is still in town, but it has moved a few blocks away from its original location. And that has some IRS taxpayers wondering why.

 For decades the IRS office was on moss street -- where the main post office is located in Lake Charles, and where federal court used to be. But this summer IRS went the way of federal court and moved out. IRS is now in the Capital One tower on the fourth floor.

With recent changes and cutbacks at postal facilities the move had some like taxpayer Liz Reeves wonders if it might be a signal the main post office in Lake Charles is in jeopardy of closing.

"We've been hearing about so many postal offices that have closed, so yeah that's kind of scary.  Because all of our mail at this point is going to Lafayette. So, yeah, I was kind of concerned about that," Reeves said.

However postal spokesman McKinney Boyd says there are no plans to close.

Some also wonder why they moved and whether the new spaces costs more.

"Capital One's building has got to be a lot more as far as rental property that where they were because they had their own building," Reeves said.

There is a sign inside the old federal building that says there is space available for rent  and there's a sign outside indicating at least one tenant here. Reeves got this explanation while getting taxpayer help.

"What they said was that for fraud purposes they were moving over here and so that people could come and get whatever they needed and I didn't understand what they meant but that's what she told me," Reeves said.

The employees in the Lake Charles IRS office are off limits to the news media. But an IRS spokesman in Denver says such moves are decided by the General Services Administration.
We were not able to make contact with anyone from the GSA, but we'll keep trying and let you know what we find out.

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