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Lady Liberty statue stolen from Lake Charles yard


A patriotic symbol purchased in the aftermath of September 11th, Allen and Anna Thibodeaux were shocked to discover their 7-foot Statue of Liberty yard ornament stolen. The Thibodeauxs said shock quickly turned to anger.

"We purchased this right after 9-11. It's been proudly displayed in our front yard ever since. I just don't understand why someone would want to take it," Allen said.

Whoever did it likely had help because the cast iron aluminum statue weighs upwards of 200 pounds.

The couple live off Louisiana Avenue behind Cowboy Stadium. According to the couple, the statue was there Sunday night and was gone Monday morning.

Allen recalls seeing it after attending a McNeese game in Huntsville, Texas shortly after September 11th.

"I liked it and wanted in front of my house. So my son and I drove all the way back to Huntsville the next week and bought it and brought it home and it's been sitting here by the front door for close to 11 years now," said Allen.

They have filed a report with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office. While the only have one picture of their beloved Lady Liberty Anna said they've taken a lot for other people over the years.

"Some of the people would say this is as close as I'm going to be to New York, so I would say go ahead and take a picture," said Anna.

With a price tag upwards of $900 they can't afford to replace it and have this to say to the thieves who stole their symbol of freedom. 

"We would like it back because it means a lot to our family. It shouldn't be hard to spot. It's green in color just like the Statue of Liberty and as far as we know there is not another one like it in this area," Allen said.

"We would like it back, but if that doesn't happen please take care of it," said Anna.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Calcasieu Sheriff's Office at 491-3700 or Crime Stoppers at 439-2222. Callers can remain anonymous.

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