Jeff Landry
Jeff Landry

The following was submitted by Congressman Jeff Landry:

Name, party affiliation: Congressman Jeff Landry, Republican, New Iberia

Educational background and experience: Bachelor of Science, University of Southwestern Louisiana. Juris Doctor of Law, Loyola University. Veteran, Louisiana Army National Guard. Sheriff's Deputy, St. Martin Parish. Small Business Owner, oil and gas industry. Outdoorsman, hunter and fisherman.

America is burdened with record deficits and debt. Our families are choosing between filling up their cars and putting food on their tables. Our job creators are shackled by onerous regulations and threats of tax increases. And Washington politicians are using our veterans and seniors as political pawns to support their reckless spending.

Enough is enough; we must end Washington's stranglehold on our economy and remove career politicians that have done nothing to solve our problems. We must return to the conservative principles and values that made our country the greatest on Earth.

As a former oil and gas small business owner – I have created jobs, balanced budgets, and paid for health insurance. As a veteran, I know the sacrifices our military heroes and their families make when duty calls. And as a conservative elected to Congress in 2010, I have fought tirelessly to change the way Washington operates.

I declined my Congressional healthcare and retirement benefits, and I am working on ending Congressional pensions entirely. Congress works for the American people; they are not above us.

When the President ignored our calls to put the Gulf back to work, I held a "Drilling=Jobs" sign during his jobs speech. When other Congressmen marched to the White House to have Obama lecture them on government spending, I refused. And when Washington brought up a bill that loaded trillions more of debt onto the backs of our grandchildren and bucked their duties to the disastrous Super Committee, I voted no.

In order to help create jobs, improve wages, and grow the economy – we must reduce government red tape, lower taxes, and fully utilize America's natural resources. In order to improve healthcare – we must repeal Obamacare, strengthen the doctor-patient relationship, and give Americans the ability to purchase insurance across state lines. And in order to improve education – we must ensure educational decisions are made by parents not bureaucrats, and we must reward the success of students and teachers.

If re-elected, I will continue to put people over politics. I will continue to work with Republicans and Democrats alike, but I will never compromise my conservative principles. And I will continue to fight to reduce our debt, end wasteful spending and create jobs.

I will not back down when it comes to our energy, agriculture or maritime jobs. I will never vote myself a pay raise or cower to career politicians who care more about their next election than our next generation. And I will not stop until our veterans receive the benefits they earned and our seniors receive the respect they deserve!

If you believe "We the People" still control America, I kindly ask for your prayers, support and vote. Together, we can defeat the Washington special interests and take our country back.