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Dogs rule at Woofstock 2012


It was all about man's best friend on Saturday at the Lake Charles Civic Center as the 2nd annual Woofstock got underway. It's an event bringing local pet shelters and advocacy groups together for a mega adoption day.

"As a rally to rescue event so that we can get homeless and rescue dogs homes and in the process we have just tried to make it a great fun family day to come out for everyone in the family even the furry babies at home," said Claire Whitlock Skinner.

Dog lover Doris Anderson has her extended family on leash. She adopted seven dogs and is encouraged by the turnout.

"It's awesome! We get lots of stories going and it's just nice to know that there are people here to help dogs like I do and that I'm not alone," Anderson said.

The event had lots for dogs to do. Dog owners were able to take pictures with their pets, enter a look-a-like contest, and see compete for a chance to be top dog through an obstacle course. There was a dogs and divas fashion show.

Another group on hand looked to petition support a dog park in downtown Lake Charles.

"Basically, plant a seed and let everyone know what our plans are. We have a petition for everyone to sign. We are gathering email addresses for volunteers or when projects come up in the future we can send out those opportunities and spread the word about it," said Britney Blanchett, Bons and Chiens Dog Training.

It might be the last thing you would expect to see at a dogs only event but there was even a litter of kittens up for adoption - a process made easy by the Calcasieu Animal Services.

"We've checked them out - basically we have given them all of their shots, we have checked them for heart worms. We have tried to screen them as best as we can for different types of people and different animals and also they are fixed," said Anne Godeaux, Calcasieu Animal Services.

The event was sponsored by Purina. Last year they managed to adopt out 50 dogs. This year's goal was 75.

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