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Officials: New license at Methodist Children's Home will boost services


For years, staff the Methodist Children's Home in Sulphur has made it their mission to help transition kids with behavioral problems back into society. 

"Our focus in working with our youth is to develop positive relationships with them so that we can model appropriate social interaction," said Director, Steven Franks.  "And to teach them the coping skills they're going to need to be successful after they leave here."

Franks is the director of the children's home and was an important part of getting a new license to help. 

"We determined that if we were going to serve kids we needed to increase our care and that was a part of getting the psychiatric residential treatment facility license," he said.

The license, known to the state as the PRTF, allows qualified providers resources to enhance the services they provide to their patients with psychiatric needs.  

"We were already doing therapy, we were already doing psychiatric services," said Franks.  "But we've increased the amount of time we spend with them doing psychiatric services."

Time, staff and physical improvements to the facility are things Franks and his team accomplished in the year long preparation in getting the license. All things that have to be done, according to the State Department of Health and Hospitals. 

"There's a pretty high standard in terms of the way that the environment is set up," said Jody Levison, Assistant Director in the Office of Behavioral Health. "Where there are single bedrooms for children as well as the degree of staffing that exists."

Having taken the steps to make their facility PRTF licensed, Franks says his job and the mission of the home, is that much more attainable. 

"I think it's going to help us," said Franks. "It allows us to increase the amount of care we provide to the kids and by increasing the amount of care it can potentially help us speed up the process of them making the transition to leave and go to a home."

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