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Setting term limits for school board members on Nov. 6 ballot

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Billboard ads around Calcasieu Parish are asking residents to vote "Yes" on the Nov. 6 ballot for set term limits for school board members.

Many residents believe, just like other elected officials, school board members should have a limit on the number of terms they can serve on the board.

If the bill is voted on, it would allow board members to serve up to three consecutive four year terms.

Two of the longest current serving CPSB members Clara Duhon and Dale Bernard have different views when it comes to this piece of legislation.

Duhon has served on the board for 26 consecutive years; 27 years in January.

Bernard has served on the school board for approximately 30 years off and on.

If the new legislation passes, serving up to 30 years on the school board will becomes a thing of the past. 

"It gives more people an opportunity to serve and new ideas and fresh ideas from new people coming aboard," Bernard said in favor of setting term limits.

"It may serve a purpose and it may not. We'll have to find out in the long run," Duhon said. She doesn't see how setting term limits on board members will make a difference.

"If you like your school board member, you don't need a piece of legislation to vote them out or if you don't like them, you don't need the legislation to vote them out," Duhon said. "So I think it may be a waste of time, but we'll see. Maybe some people feel that they need the term limits."

And as the November election draws near, residents of Calcasieu Parish will vote for the term limit bill. But if the two longtime serving school board members will run again for the board, both Duhon and Bernard are undecided.

"I've been 26 years on the board and I taught for 18 years in the classroom. I think I've made my contribution to education," Duhon said. "We'll see. We'll see."

"I haven't decided yet. That's two years in the future," Bernard said about running again for the school board.

A decision he has time to think about, but for voters, it's a decision that will be made come the November election.

Charter school boards are exempt from the vote.

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