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Motorcyclist injured in head-on collision


A motorcyclist is hospitalized following a head-on collision in Sulphur. It happened on Highway 90 at Lewis Street. The driver of the car, Brittany Prather, said it happened really fast.

"It was very scary. I thought I hurt someone really bad. I didn't even see it coming at all. It happened so fast. Like I said, he came off that road and he was in the far left lane and we were just head on," Prather said.

Prather and her passenger were turning left off Highway 90 into the Circle K gas station at the same time the motorcyclist was turning onto Highway 90 from Lewis Street.

"It happened in a split second. We were just turning in to get gas and the next thing I know I have a full air bag," said Byron White, passenger.

A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Prather rushed to assist the motorcyclist, who amazingly only complained of a hurt knee.

"I got out and saw a man laying on the road so I walked over and asked him if he could do range of motion. He moved his arms and his legs. I asked if he could follow my finger. He spoke and he was coherent," Prather said.

Even though she is walking away with a citation for failure to yield, they know it could have been much worse.

"Luckily he was coming off of a turn and were basically at a dead stop so I think if there was any real speed involved it could have been more serious," White said.

"Thank God. Thank God. There is a God," Prather said.

The driver of the motorcycle was taken to the hospital by Acadian Ambulance for treatment. No word on his condition. 

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