LaGrange Fan for Life

By Sam Gannon - bio | email

LAKE CHARLES (KPLC) -The LaGrange High School football team has dedicated its entire season to 62-year-old Bob Poullard.

"I love to come watch football," said Poullard. "I can't wait until I see my grandson play again, I love to come and watch him. I'm just a LaGrange fan period."

You would never know it by the way he acts, but Bob was diagnosed with stomach cancer last year. Last week, doctors told him he had only two weeks to one month to live. But he hasn't stopped living his life to the fullest.

"Never bothered me one second, because I know I made my peace with God a long, long time ago. I don't even think about it."

"He doesn't want you to feel sorry for him, he wants to enjoy his days and everything, and he's going to keep moving like he's moving," said his son, Ron Poullard.

Bob can usually be found on the LaGrange sidelines. After all, he's been part of the Gator family for decades. He's known LaGrange Head Coach Jules Sullen even longer, coaching him as a young boy, and acting as the father figure he never had. One of Bob's proudest moments is the day he found out Jules got the coaching job at LaGrange.

"I walked in the gym and he was speaking on the microphone to the crowd, and I walked in the gym and he stopped," said Poullard. " He said I want you all to know that the person who made me what I am today just walked in the gym and that was me."

"Words alone can't describe how much Mr. Poullard means to me as well as to my family, as well as the young men who are out here practicing today," said Coach Sullen. "He is truly the essence of what God can create as a man. I wanted the state of Louisiana, or the city of Lake Charles to know that hey, this is a good man, and if we can all walk in his footsteps, I think life would be better for all of us."

"Any kid can be anything that they want to be if someone takes time with them and shows them how the game is played what to do. That's been my goal my whole life, and I accomplished that. I'm happy."