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Registrars reporting increase in party affiliation changes

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If you plan on voting in the upcoming election, it's too late to register.

Tuesday was the last day to submit voter registration for the election, and registrars across Southwest Louisiana said they saw an increase in people trying to register.

Election day is now less than a month away, and many people in Southwest Louisiana will be voting in November.

"It shapes our democracy," said a resident. "It is why we're all Americans. It's why people go to foreign countries to die for. It's the one thing that every citizen gets to do is vote."

"I feel like it gives me a sense of responsibility towards who's going to win this election," said another.

Allen Parish reports an increase in the number of people registering in the last month in person, by mail and electronically. Beauregard also reported an increase, and as of Oct. 7, over 21,000 residents are registered.

"It's so important to make sure that we keep these certain freedoms that we have and speak the voice of the common human people," said a U.S. Navy Veteran. "I think that's extremely important."

An increase occurred in Calcasieu, especially on Tuesday when over 800 walked in to register, plus hundreds by mail and online. But the registrar said the increase is comparable to four years ago. But more people made voter information changes, specifically party affiliation.

"That's what our country is founded on," said a resident. "That's what we're all about, the right to vote. If we don't like what's going on in our government, if we don't vote, then we can't complain. We got to make our voice known and heard."

Cameron Parish didn't see a huge overall increase, but they did report an increase in the number of high school students wanting to vote. Over 5,500 Cameron residents are now registered.

As the election approaches, many Southwest Louisiana residents are looking at voting as a privilege. And for some, it hits close to home.

"It's extremely important to me," said a Lake Charles resident. "I feel like a lot of people fought and died for our privilege to do that, and I'm all about that."

"If you want to express your opinions, and if you want to complain about things, if you didn't vote, it kind of takes that away," said another.

If you did register at the last minute, don't worry, your registration will be accepted, but it may take a while for you to receive your information card, but the cards should be delivered before the November election.

Here is what each registrar reported to KPLC:

Allen Parish - Registrar Monica Warren

Allen Parish saw an increase in the number of people registering to vote for this presidential election. That increase came in person, electronically and by mail, Warren reports.

The registrar's office saw a major increase of people trying to register within the last month.


Beauregard Parish - Registrar Robin Darbonne

Beauregard Parish has been extremely busy with people coming to register and make changes to their voter information, including address information and party affiliation.

As of Oct. 7, there were 21,755 registered voters in Beauregard Parish. Prior to the rush for this election, Beauregard had around 21,000 registered. 

Darbonne feels that people definitely want to vote and want their voices to be heard.


Calcasieu Parish - Angie Quienalty

As of Monday, Oct. 8, Calcasieu Parish had 125,952 registered voters. 

Quienalty estimates that between 800-1,000 people registered in person just Tuesday at their two offices. 

There has been an increase in registration since August, but Quienalty said it's comparable to the presidential election four years ago. 

Quienalty estimated around 700 people registered by mail or through a third party on Tuesday.

Since Sept. 15, 1,737 people submitted voter registration online, she said.

Quienalty said there has been a significant increase in the number of party affiliation changes compared to four years ago.


Cameron Parish - Suzanne Sturlese

There are approximately 5,700 registered voters in Cameron Parish.

They did not see a large increase, but several high schoolers did come in to register.


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