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La. Secretary of State urges voter participation

The deadline has now passed to register to vote in the November 6 presidential election.

It was busy at the old Calcasieu Courthouse as people crowded in to register at the last minute.

Louisiana Secretary of State Tom Schedler came through town to help drum up voter participation and let people know how to honor vets with their vote. 

Schedler predicts large voter turnout on election day too, so he urges people to prepare and plan accordingly. " Presidential election means larger voter turnout. We were 72% of 2.9 million voters in 2008.  We're anticipating roughly the same, and don't get lulled to sleep because unfortunately voter turnout in local elections is 20-25% which is something we're trying to work on to improve. But keep in mind this will be triple that amount," said Schedler.

And besides the civic duty to vote, those who participate can also dedicate their vote to honor veterans. Schedler says it's a way to show appreciation for servicemen and women on the web and by displaying the bumper sticker and lapel pin you'll receive. "You merely go to my web site.  It's honor  You go in, you get a nice certificate, whoever you want to honor.  If it's your dad, give it to your mom if she's still alive or whatever it may be or to that neighbor for that kid who's over there right now and it just says, you know, Tom Schedler honors Sgt. John Smith, U.S. Air Force.  Certificate, you get a lapel pin if you so desire and a nice, little, small, not obnoxious, bumper sticker that's just about five inches.  It says I'm honoring a veteran with my vote," explained Schedler.

So much of the voting process is computerized now, it might make some wonder if it all works the way it should.  Schedler has complete confidence in Louisiana's system. "We test that constantly.  And we have not had an error in an electronic election division in, I can't remember when,"said Schedler.

And so, he urges voters to get informed and participate.  early voting starts October 23rd runs to the 30th.

For everything you need to be an informed voter click here.  This site has instructions on honoring veterans with your vote.

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