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Good Samaritan lends hand to off-duty LCPD detective

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A normal trip to a local hardware store turns into a life threatening situation for an off-duty police officer, until a good Samaritan jumps in to help.

Two strangers, at Lowe's, buying supplies for their own projects, never expected to soon be in a life-threatening situation. 

"I was in the parking lot, getting in my truck about to leave, and it all started happening," said good Samaritan Anthony Roberts. "Everybody starting yelling 'thief, thief, he stole, he stole.' " 

Detective Larry Newingham with the Lake Charles Police Department entered the lumber section of Lowe's Hardware when he said he saw Edwin Landry shoplifting.

"As I was walking, I noticed a gentleman that I'm very familiar with placing some items underneath his shirt," said Detective Larry Newingham. "I acknowledged him. He knew who I as. I called him by his first and last name. He took off running. I gave chase to him." 

The chase continued through the Lowe's parking lot and into a nearby field. Roberts joined in.

"I witnessed the detective chasing the suspect out of Lowe's and through the parking lot," said Roberts. "I just decided to go with it."

Newingham caught up with the suspect in the field with Roberts in tow.

"I looked at him, and he jumped right on the back of him, didn't hesitate," said Detective Newingham. "He said 'I'll hold him down until help gets here.'" 

Roberts' mother is a detective with the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff's Office.

"She worked loss prevention for 20 years," said Roberts. "I've heard stories, her having to chase people down, nobody would help. That was all in the back of my mind, so I just helped out." 

The Police Department acknowledged Roberts' actions by making him only the third civilian to receive Chief Don Dixon's commendation coin.

"It means a lot," said Detective Newingham. "Sometimes you wonder if somebody would stop. There were several people standing around, and he stepped up and came over there and saw I needed help. He helped me.: 

Police discovered a butcher knife in Landry's possession, a situation that could've turned deadly quickly.

"Normally a lot of people won't stop and help," said Detective Newingham. "They'll just keep going, or they'll watch. It says a lot for someone to actually step up and put their self in harms way to want to help."

Edwin Landry was on probation at the time of the incident. He's been charged with several crimes including felony theft.

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