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LC Film Festival holds 25 screenings


The first-ever Lake Charles Film Festival welcomed a host of established film makers this weekend. Groups were able to sit in on workshops and screenings of 25 films and documentaries.

Louisiana currently ranks 3rd in the United States for film making. Film makers said sharing their work and stories to a captive audience is what they live for.

Larry Wade Carrell debuted his film "Jacob" to a Louisiana audience at this weekend's festival.

"I always say if W was smart I'd get a job, but I'm passionate about making films and acting ... And that's what I do. And my most fulfilling thing for me is to have an audience and watch them enjoy the film," said Carrell.

Al Bohl did a documentary film about the 1918 silent motion picture "Tarzan of the Apes," made in Morgan City, Louisiana.

"We're showing the documentary, 'Tarzan Lord of the Louisiana Jungle.'  In 1917, they made the first location film in the United States in Morgan City, La., and it was 'Tarzan of the Apes,' which was a best selling book at the time. And it became one of the top 10 silent films or top 10 movies to make a million dollars at the box office first," said Bohl.

Hundreds of movies have been filmed in Louisiana since and movie buff and author Ed Poole said Louisiana also made history in showing films.

"Louisiana had the very first seated indoor theater, like the theaters we go to today. The very first one in the United States was on Canal Street in New Orleans. It opened July 18, 1896. So the first seated theater in the United States," said Poole.

Poole also said with all of the new films being made it is important to go back and document the past films and process in Louisiana. For the past 30 years, he has been preserving Louisiana's rich film history through books, film prints, lectures and research.

At the end of the day awards were given out to the best films in each category.

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