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'Swamp People' Troy and Chase Landry visit Lake Charles


They remain popular on the History Channel and throughout homes all across America and on Saturday, they returned to the Lake Area. 

Swamp People father-and-son duo, Troy and Chase Landry, stopped by Mark Dodge to visit with fans.

The two signed autographs and took pictures. The told KPLC that they are still enjoying their new-found fame doing what they love. But according to Troy, this alligator season started off slow.

"We had a good season. We caught over 500 alligators in the month of September. But we started out real slow. We had hurricanes and we had a bad fish kill. Hurricane Isaac killed thousands of fish. The first week, we had trouble catching gators," Troy said.

When asked what the size of their biggest gator was, the two said:

"I can't tell you that ... it's a secret," Troy said.

"The reason he can't tell you is because he didn't catch it," Chase said, laughing.

After watching the LSU game, the two said they plan to enjoy the rest of their weekend before wrapping up filming of season four on Monday and Tuesday.

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