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Moss Regional Hospital layoff plan approved by Civil Service

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There's more bad news for Moss Regional Hospital as their tentative layoff plan becomes reality.

"You have to think if the wait is 10-12 hours now, what's it going to be like when there's fewer staff here," said patient Nicola Ewing.

And there will be fewer employees less than two weeks from now. Eleven current employees of Moss Regional Hospital are being forced to find other jobs because of layoffs by the LSU System.

"It's hard to do," said Interim Hospital Administrator Jimmy Pottorff. "We had a lot of expectations. We actually had appropriated more in our budget for some expanded services, because we have unmet needs in the community. We aren't really getting to see that happen right now. We're going in another direction trying to just work more with less."

Ewing said her family needs Moss Regional to stay open.

"It's hard to think about," said Ewing. "It breaks my heart, because I know the complications it presents for us. So I have to think there's so many more people out there that need this hospital, not just us."

Wait time will become worse than it currently is, something that Ewing said caused death in the past.

"I waited nine hours, ended up going home," Ewing said. "As a result of that, ended up having a miscarriage, because I never got seen. There's no way for me to know what would've happened if I would've gotten seen."

Although Moss Regional Hospital has already been hit with layoffs twice in the last six months, more layoffs could still come. In fact, the hospital may learn of more as soon as Thursday.

The LSU Board will be meeting Thursday morning to discuss even more cuts for the LSU System, possibly even more for Moss Regional.

"It's going to severely impact the community," said Pottorff. "It's going to put an undue burden on the providers for the high population that we provide care to that can't afford to go anywhere else."

But for now, the number is just eleven. Pottorff said Moss Regional will be providing the same level of service with less employees, and as of now no services will be cut.

"You're going to have less employees trying to provide the same level of service," said Pottorff. "It's going to affect wait time. It's going to affect our outcome. But the services will still be there."

Pottorff said next week the hospital is bringing in counselors and LA Works to help the employees that have been laid off.

"We're going to be here for our employees," Pottorff said. "We've been contacting and working with other healthcare providers to look for placement. They're losing their jobs through no fault of their own, nothing they've done. It's just budget scenarios that are happening now with LSU Health."

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