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"Free Giveaway" big hit with those in need

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Few things are free in life but most people agree, free is good, even when it's stuff you might find at a rummage sale. And a local man holds a "free giveaway" monthly,  that is a big hit.

He calls himself "Walkin' Jeff" Moore and says he and Jesus organize the monthly event at Lock  Park which he says has been going on for about a year now. "Everybody freaks out with free because they think there's a catch to it, but there's no catch.  You don't have to believe in Jesus.  You just have to come down and take some free stuff.  We don't care who you are, what you are or what you've done.You can come down and get free stuff," said Moore.

So, why does he do it?  "Because I love Jesus and he loves me," declares Moore.

The "free giveaway" is usually on Sunday but because of a rainout, it was on Tuesday this week, so it caught the attention of people who work downtown, but don't necessarily come to the Lock Park area on the weekend.

People love it. Said Lakeisha Pitre, "We needed it. It's a blessing.  It's free and I've been here all day.  I'll be here 'til four."

Ronald Pitts was happy to have found some motor oil.  "This is just about all I got out of there but this is nice, really nice.  That's a nice thing to do."

Moore says he works with Water's Edge Church but has his own ministry. "It's called Wacky Doodle Ministries.  My neighbor started calling me Wacky Doodle when he met me because I do all this crazy stuff for Jesus," said Moore.

He says the monthly giveaway is just one of the things they do.  He says they like to help people wherever and whenever it's needed if they can. "We help people pay their rent, utilities, food clothes, furniture.  Seven other churches call us and three corporations in town call us when people are coming out of homelessness," said Moore.

So, why do they call him Walkin' Jeff? "I have a covenant with Jesus.  I walk everywhere.  I have a covenant with Jesus for two years and I've been walking for two years serving people on the streets of Lake Charles, Louisiana," said Moore.  When questioned about what he means by having a covenant with Jesus he explained, "I made a covenant not to drive for two years when I got here and it's almost over on November the 17th."  And why would he do that? " Because I used to steal cars.  It's true," said Moore.

Moore says he is a reformed car thief and suffers from schizophrenia, but that finding Jesus and proper mental health care have enabled him to get his life on track.

He seems to have the proper permits and all, and if nothing else, he's making others feel good about their community. Said Charles Mitchell who stopped by to look, "Anything that's helping people I think is great."  His wife Lois admits, "Made my day, made my day."

Again, you can find Jeff Moore and his free stuff at Lock Park in Lake Charles on the last Sunday of each month.

For more information or to donate items for the monthly giveaway contact Water's Edge Ministries.

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