Authorities say multi-parish burglaries could be linked

Authorities from several parishes are investigating burglaries that could be connected, they say.

According to information from Allen, Jeff Davis, Calcasieu and Cameron authorities, the suspect vehicle in all cases is a white Dodge.

Allen Parish Sheriff Doug Hebert said that since Sept. 19, there have been four burglaries in the Kinder area of Allen Parish.

Two are being investigated by the Allen Parish Sheriff's Office and two by the Kinder Police Department, he said.

All appear to have been committed by the same individual or individuals, according to be Hebert, who added that all were committed during day-time hours.

Hebert said most of the items that were stolen were like small televisions, jewelry and gaming consoles.

He said a Dodge Avenger was seen in the area of the break-ins on multiple occasions.

Jeff Davis Sheriff Ivy Woods said there have been three burglaries in that parish since last Thursday.

Woods said the burglaries took place in the Lacassine and Fenton areas and jewelry, weapons and computer items were taken.

Cameron Parish Sheriff Ron Johnson said the suspect vehicle in cases in Cameron is a white, Dodge Charger. The vehicle is being looked for in two burglaries and thefts that occurred in the Grand Lake area on Sept. 28 in day-time hours, he said.

Johnson said a third break-in with no theft took place Tuesday in the Grand Lake community.

In Calcasieu, there has been one attempted burglary reported in the Iowa area. Authorities say the suspect broke a window pane in the door, trying to break in. A woman was there and hit him in the hand with a telephone and he fled.

Neighbors reported seeing a white Dodge or Nissan, authorities said.

Those with information in any of the cases are asked to call their local authorities.

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