Growing new body parts -- at noon!

Good morning, everyone!

Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we're preparing for 7News@Noon.

A tragic night in Jennings. One man with disabilities was unable to escape a fire in his home. Two others did manage to escape. The State Fire Marshal is investigating and we are working on getting more details at noon.

Also today, it's a medical story you won't want to miss. Doctors at Johns Hopkins were able to grow a brand new body part for a woman – they used her own cartilage! And if you want to see more medical miracles, check out Britney Glaser's story about eye injections to help those with macular degeneration HERE.

Plus, a painting, a mystery, a flea market, and an unsuspecting buyer. If you put all those together, it all adds up to an FBI investigation. We'll tell you why a small painting is the center of so much controversy.

Ben is reveling in the great weather conditions this morning. He says we will see a good deal of sunshine today with some clouds rolling thru later today, but no rain is expected. How low will our temperatures go tonight? Look for Ben's complete, live, local forecast at noon.

Remember, you can always watch us online at and on air. Have a great day everyone!