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Halloween's best haunted houses

(RNN) - Thrill seekers searching for the ultimate fright this Halloween season could crisscross the country visiting haunted house after haunted house for a thousand different ways to be scared.

Each year, thousands of haunted houses bring actors, makeup artists and set designers together to create haunts that leave their visitors scared half to death.

If you're in search of the country's best haunted houses, look no further than these legendary haunts.

The 13th Gate - Baton Rouge, LA: The 13th Gate is known around as "Louisiana's Ultimate Haunted House." This haunt has 13 distinctly theme areas are sure to strike fear into any thrill seeker. Visitors tour through ghastly scenes, ranging from a crematory over to a snake pit filled with cold blooded killers. The 13th Gate employs more than 100 actors for Halloween, along with 12 makeup artists and multiple costume specialists. With each area creating a distinct sense of fear, everyone will encounter something that makes their skin crawl.

(Source: Dwayne Sanburn/The 13th Gate)

Netherworld - Atlanta, GA: Conceived 16 years ago, Netherworld has evolved into one of the country's most frightening venues. This year, Netherworld features two distinct haunted houses: Banshee and The Hive. Banshee features ghastly creatures that have been released from captivity underneath the sea. Meanwhile, The Hive depicts genetic researchers in a Cold War-era underground bunker, experimenting with radiation and mutation. Both houses give visitors two distinct frights.

(Source: Billy Messina/Netherworld)

The Dent Haunted Schoolhouse - Cincinnati, OH: Attention, students! School is in session. This haunted house is set in a real schoolhouse that opened in 1894. Rumor has it that a school janitor killed seven of the school kids in October of 1955. Officials found the decaying remains of the students in the basement, however, the janitor was never caught and the school was closed. Today, the spirits of the dead students roam the halls seeking their revenge - the perfect setup for a haunted house.

(Source: Bud Stross/The Dent Schoolhouse)

Disturbia Haunted Attraction - Huntsville, AL: Self-described as a "mental disturbance," Disturbia's goal is complete mind control. Check out the haunted greenhouse, circus side show and haunted experimental lab. And while you're at it, watch your back for the corn stalkers! Come hungry and grab a bite to eat at Dead Debbie's Diner.

(Source: Shane Dabbs/Disturbia)

Atrox Factory - Birmingham, AL: Atrox is the Lain word for horror… and this haunt lives up to its namesake. This all indoor haunt features some of the most detailed sets in the industry. Although Atrox has only been in its current location since 2002, the project began in 1999 as a place called Slain Manor. Today, it has become an Alabama Halloween classic.

(Source: Paul Johnson/Atrox Factory)

USS Nightmare - Newport, KY: Step aboard this ghastly cruise for fright you'll never forget. The USS Nightmare is a retired working steamboat that delivers 288 feet of terror. Captain Mitchell and his daughter Anna welcome visitors aboard their vessel each Halloween season, but there's no question that your cruise will be anything but relaxing. The deckhands aboard this ship will have you wishing for dry land.

(Source: Allen Rizzo/USS Nightmare)

Erebus Haunted Attraction - Pontiac, MI: Erebus: Defined as "the darkness underneath the earth, imagined either as the abode of sinners after death or of all the dead." The story of this haunt is based on the work of Dr. J. Colbert, a scientist who created the first time machine. But the machine has a fatal flaw that has catastrophic effects on the test subjects, creating a ghastly, four-story house of terror. Erebus has earned the distinction of world's largest walk-through haunted attraction from 2005 to 2009.

(Source: Edward Terebus/Erebus Haunted Attraction)

Woods of Terror on Church Street - Greensboro, NC: The Woods of Terror on Church Street was been terrifying thrill seekers for 30 years, but the frights are anything put predictable. The haunt has redesigned their attraction to deliver realistic haunts, including a vampire house, Texas house, and cave. Take a walk through these woods and experience a Hollywood-grade haunt surrounded by secluded woods.

(Source: Deborah Bryant/Woods of Terror on Church Street)

Asylum and Hotel Fear - Las Vegas: These two haunts come together to create Las Vegas' largest Halloween attraction. Asylum is the longest continuously running haunted attraction in Las Vegas. Located just north of the Las Vegas Strip, the two attractions are described as "story driven," one depicting a hospital and the other a hotel. The haunts tell the story of a man named Mortimer Feoray, who is described to patrons as a troubled child turned madman. Make sure to get there early or prepare to wait: it's busy Las Vegas location can mean long lines.

(Source: Rich Strelak/Las Vegas Haunts)

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