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Drainage project receives approval, won't start for at least a month

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The residents in one Lake Charles neighborhood finally got the help they wanted with the drainage system in their area ... or so they thought.

Residents in this neighborhood off of Highway 14 say drainage has been a problem for the past several years. It was slated for new construction including several underground drainage systems starting this week, but director of Public Works Mister Edwards says that's not going to happen. 

Residents living on Summit and Hunter Streets between Third and Sixth Street say drainage over the last ten years has gotten progressively worse. 

"Our main purpose out here is to improve the drainage that's so desperately needed," said city councilman Rodney Geyen. "People have been living out here with open ditches. And of course, open ditches causes mosquitoes, so we wanted to close up the ditches. We also want to have excellent drainage." 

In August, residents attended a meeting to address the issue. And now something is being done.

"Right now, we're replacing water lines, as you can well see at this time," said Geyen. "We're going to also resurface the road with asphalt, and of course we're going to add sidewalks down each one of the streets, Summit Street and Hunter Street." 

Geyen says he wanted the drainage project to start in September, but now it may still not happen for another month. Once the water lines are complete, the drainage will follow, and then asphalt and sidewalks. 

"When I first started out some 15 years ago as a city councilman, I promised the people in this area that I would improve the streets, drainage and sidewalks, and lighting and recreation. We've been able to do that at this particular point," said Geyen. 

Residents and Geyen are hoping the drainage issue will be gone and that the neighborhood will be more inviting than it is now. 

"Whenever it rains there won't be any flooding," said Geyen. "Not only that, they've not had sidewalks at all in this area. It lends opportunity for children, whomever wants to walk can walk on the sidewalks and use it as a little walking path for exercise. Of course the streets with the new surface on it, they won't have to experience anymore potholes or bad roads that could damage their cars." 

If the construction was to start this week, it was scheduled to finish sometime in March, but since the start of the construction has been delayed, so will the finish. It's unknown right now when exactly it will be. 

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