Shootings under investigation -- more, plus weather, at noon

Good morning, everyone!

Agnes DeRouen in the KPLC 7 Newsroom with a look at what we're working on for 7News@Noon.

Two separate officer involved shootings are now being investigated by State Police. In one incident, a man fleeing Lafayette Police following a bank robbery is shot and dies on the scene. In the other incident, a suspect believed to be involved in a drug deal flees St. Martin Parish Sheriff's deputies and hits one of those deputies with his car. Shots rang out there as well and the suspect was struck and later died from his injuries. We'll have details on both situations.

Several road related projects are scheduled to start this week in Lake Charles. We'll tell you how they're expected to help ease drainage issues. In the meantime, there are hearings set for this week for the public to inspect and provide input on the state's highway program for the next year.  You can find out where and when the meeting affecting your area will be held HERE.

Also today, an old fashioned way of attracting customers is making a comeback – just in time for the holidays. It's layaway, and it means you can take advantage of great deals and take your time paying them off.

Plus, engineering may not seem like the most exciting subject to some high school students, but one school is finding creative ways to get students excited about the field – including girls.

Finally, a bit of sunshine today! Ben says the overcast and drizzly weather some of us are still witnessing should be giving way to clearing skies later tonight. Cooler temperatures are also in the offing and Ben will tell us how cool it will get during his live, local forecast at noon.

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