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Firefighters respond to Lake Charles mobile home fire

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For the residents of the Park Space trailer park on Tousaint St. near Leger Rd., a fire that left the home on lot 104 completely destroyed, will be hard to forget.

"We were playing basketball.  The next thing we seen, the house caught on fire" said neighbor, Juan Bravo.  "I ran in the house, called my mom... My mom called the Fire Department... Like everything was crazy" Bravo said.

District Fire Chief Tommy Thomas has worked as a firefighter for over 30 years and says out of the 100+ mobile home fires he's responded to, this was one of the worst.

"We arrived on the scene and had heavy smoke and visible flames coming from both sides" said Thomas.  "It's severe.  On a scale from one to ten it's a ten"

According to the owner of the home, who didn't want to speak on camera, she was sitting in the living room when she smelled smoke.  After looking where she thought something may be burning, she says she was bombarded with smoke.  She was able to get herself and two family members out of the house uninjured.  While she believes some type of electrical failure caused the fire, the Lake Charles Fire Department says a full investigation is take place.

"It's still under investigation at this time... it burned pretty severely" said Thomas.  "We were forced to call the Red Cross for the occupant. 

Thomas says that the fire should serve as a reminder to the public to learn the importance of fire safety and prevention. 

"Make sure you have a good working smoke detector.  That is your first alert.  An early warning system like that would help us and help you also" he said.

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